Friday, May 18, 2007

In Memoriam for My 100-300mm Lens

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Last week Will and I were climbing through WWII bombers. I had a belly pack on that had my long lens in it. I was shooting with my wide angle inside the planes. Well, I am 6'6" tall. The planes were not designed for someone my size. As I was contorting my way from the navigator's position in the B24 to the bomb bay catwalk, big guy popped out of the belly pack and did its best impression of a bomb as it sailed out the open bomb bay doors. Splat!


So I pulled up this image of a lovely church I took with the departed lens from Buena Vista Park in the Haight in San Francisco. The church was a mile or more distant from the hilltop park. Big Guy did a respectable job. I'll miss him.

Farewell dear friend.

Rest in peace (pieces?).


Manu said...

Woops! Glad your sense of humor stayed intact! I hope you won't blame this on the bag (I think I know the bag you're talking about...).

Jill said...

Sooooo sorry to hear about your accident! That is a shame!! You are tall!! I thought my husband, 6 feet 4, was tall.

Sorry to have been away so long. I really need to spend some more time on my blogs.

Hey... I'm going to the Outerbanks with my parents next week. Hope to get some wonderful lighthouse and sunrise images. PLEASE send me any tips you have on sunrises and sunsets. I know you are an expert in that area!!

Thanks and please be more careful. Thank God it was just the lens that went splat.

William said...

That is a total bummer. Think you'll replace it?

Paul said...

LOL! John, I'm glad that you found it a humorous situation. Your description of what happened really made me laugh. Thanks for the laugh! :-) Too bad about the lens. It must have been a pretty good fall and onto concrete, I would assume.

So, perhaps you'll 'need' to buy another lens and you can get a macro. I know how you've been lusting after Will's macro! ;-)

crow_soup said...

That's St. Ignatius Church in case you were wondering...viewed nightly from my roof...

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