Tuesday, April 03, 2007

XP / VISTA Transition

Here I am banging away on a Windows 98 laptop while this issue is resolved by the guru.

My previous post on this subject revealed my frustration with the software that I regularly use in my photography not being compatible with the Vista OS on my new computer. Well, it appears that we have a solution in the works. I offer it to any who find themselves in a similar spot.

My old computer's processor fried, but the hard drive was fine. So, we pulled the hard drive from the old machine and are installing it in the new one as a second hard drive. We had to re-install XP on the old hard drive as the new machine is a different manufacturer with very different hardware and drivers. When I want to use my old software I'll boot to the XP hard drive. It is not a perfect solution, but is way better than not having my Pinnacle, PS etc.

No pic today as I don't think this vintage machine can handle it.

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Manu said...

America's finest news source (and I know a personal favorite of yours) has recently documented the important new features of Vista. I think it's worth the upgrade. ;-)

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