Saturday, April 07, 2007

XP / Vista Transition or Lack Thereof

Well, things are up and running at last.

I installed my old hard drive with XP in the new machine along with the new hard drive with Vista. I am finding I use the former but not the latter. There are just way too many compatibility issues with Vista. Not even the Firefox browser is compatible with Vista. It was not easy for my guru to get the two hard drives to play well together, but that was resolved eventually. However, as things come along in Vista, I am ready to go and I will eventually migrate over to the new OS.

Now, back to our usual programming...

For larger image click on picture.

1 comment:

William said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the new puter. This shot reminds me of San Joseish style. That reminds me, I'll be in San Jose Thursday through Sunday. I begin San Jose PD testing! Let me know if you have time to do some shots in the area.

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