Sunday, April 15, 2007

OK, Now What do I Do?

Is there no end to the toys, er... tools in this photography thing?

I'll probably go into hermitage for two or three months with this puppy.


unlikelymoose said...

not to burst your bubble, but CS3 was released just a couple weeks ago. You should contact Adobe and see if you can get trade-in your CS2 for CS3.

Monterey John said...

Actually I knew that, and getting 2 was about $600 cheaper than 3. I can live without the improvements for that type of savings.

paul said...

Adobe junkie!!! :-) I bought Lightroom. I really liked the all-in-one aspect of it. I found an internet coupon and got it for $169. I used it for my full 30 days. There are some things that I'd change, but mostly, I really like it. I need more RAM, though, which means a new computer ... one day.

William said...

I got CS2 in late February. I would still call and give it a try. I did yesterday and they gave it to me free, only had to pay shipping. CS3 on the way!

Jill said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! You are soooo funny! Sorry I haven't visited in so long.... like everyone, busy.

You will love this version. I did the beta CS3 for a while. I'll eventually get the 3 but not in a hurry.


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