Saturday, March 03, 2007

More Techy Stuff... No More RAW... and Thanks to Paul L

My experiment with RAW is over!

I had about 150 RAW in one folder on my external hard drive. Well... Things really bogged down, at 25 megs a pop it was like watching paint dry. Geeze!

I read the article sent to me by Paul. JPEG is just fine for 99% of what people do. To be on the safe side I converted the RAWs to TIFFs (non-lossies). By comparison, it is like the Daytona 500. Uuurah!


Manu said...

ahem... I've followed the debate on the site and I have been really good at shutting up (so far) but... not keeping raw files is like shooting film and throwing the negatives once you developed... if that's ok with you, then fine. ;-)

Wingnut said...

Ya, I am always torn about the whole RAW debate, I shoot raw+jpeg on my 20D. (2 gig memory cards)

First thing I do is come home and download the compact flash card and burn it to DVD, then I can pull those files up anytime I need them, and they don't stay on the hard drive and bog it down.

I like the security of having the RAW files if needed, but I honestly can use most all of the high res jpegs I shoot, unless you get that one fantastic shot, then it is that much better from RAW.

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