Saturday, March 10, 2007

Golden Gate from Ft. Point - A Film Image

Photo Credit: Will Wilson @ WJW Photography

Further futching with Lightroom. Sometimes I just like film. There is a surreal quality about it after the ultra sharp grain-free quality of of digital.


ndiginiz said...

I can't get your image to download in the fullsize format?

Manu (I don't like raw seafood) said...

Actually, I think this is sharper than your digital images. Maybe a better lens on this? I agree with the noise, there's nothing like film (even though, you'll find some arguments that you can reproduce similar noise in photoshop but I never tried that).

Manu (raw ain't always better) said...

Oh, also, I think the range is better on this than on your digitals (for example, in the bottom right area).

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