Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lightroom, Culling, JPEGs, TIFFS and all that Sort of Thing

All my early shooting was in JPEG. I knew that was something I would have to do something about eventually. Well, eventually is now. Choosing from 8k or so JPEGs and saving the survivors as TIFFs.

In culling I came across a lot of pictures that did not look all that good, including this one. (It is best seen in large size.) The hills were black and the sky colorless. so I fired up Lightroom.

First I darkened the exposure to bring some color to the sky. Then I used fill light to bring up the hills. There was a red of the setting sun in the cliffs there I did not even know was in the image. I upped the black pixels for some contrast, and this is what I got.

In Photoshop this would have been major surgery. In Lightroom it was done all on one screen in 3 or 4 minutes. A remarkable tool that I highly recommend.

For larger image click on picture.

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paul said...

John, I'm curious as to why you have chosen to move from JPG to TIFF, or Raw for that matter.

As for Lightroom, I think that I'll wait a few versions before checking it out. Also, I'm pretty comfortable with CS2 and am not even considering CS3. Heck, CS2 is pretty slow on my computer because I have ONLY 1 GB of memory, which is the max for my computer. I had considered buying another computer, but didn't want to move all of my stuff over! Sigh ...

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