Wednesday, February 07, 2007

AT&T Pro-Am

I'm doing a little temp work driving folks around at the AT&T Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach. What a trip. I have never seen such an elaborate affair in all my life. I'll try to get some images over the next few days of the behind the scenes stuff, and I don't mean the celebraties, I mean the grunts. You can see Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Bill Murray et al elsewhere in much better shots than I can get. There are all sorts of worker bees deserving of being captured, and I can get close to them.

The are cooks, courtesy folks, techies for television, uplinks etc, bar keepers, just a vast array of people.

The problem we are having just now is the rain. It has not rained here to speak of all season. But along comes the AT&T and instant monsoon. I'm not going to ruin my equipment. But, I'll give it a try. The camera is with me.

So, we shall see.

Photocredit: SF Gate


(the original) Susan Jones said...

You need vibes my friend you got 'em!
and Canadian ta boot! (they are the best)

Paul said...

Go get 'em, John! Bring us the inside story! The story of the real people! The story of the people who matter.

Ingrid said...

i love Pebble Beach! i've been there 2x before, driving along that 17-mile drive! it was a very unforgettable experience. i'd love to do it again, if only for the fun and adventure! nice shot! keep 'em coming, Mr. John!

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