Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Introducing WJW Photography - Dad is SO Proud

WJW Photgraphy is up and running.  My son has mastered Pixelpost!  I'm so darned proud.  Do drop in and pay him a visit.  The kid is a natural.


WJWilson said...
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WJWilson said...

Ahh thanks for the post. I do wish I was a natural but I am struggling with creating a personal page, a link to my blogger site, and other stuff in this catagory. Any reference of help would be fantastic. I don't even know how to get my photoblog.org link button embeded. All this aside, it is lots of fun and I am getting some fantastic feedback.

paul said...

I did stop by his blog! It's great to have another blog to visit. :-) If he needs any help, he need only drop me an e-mail. I did a bit of customizing to my pixelpost site, so I kind of know my way around it.

Intern said...

this is such an awesome shot! Mindblowing.

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