Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Day at the Shore with the Kid

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Yep, that's him, my boy Will. We spent the afternoon and evening together doing what we enjoy doing together, shooting pictures. It was a grand day. Don't tell him him, but I love him a lot.

Now, notice that humongous 17-40mm lens he has mounted on that camera. It has a 77mm front glass. Holy smokes. 77mm. Am I envious? Do I covet my son's photo gear? There's something in The Ten Comandments about that I think

Yes, I am a sinner.

See below for a few images from the day, and check out Will here and here. His pix are almost as good as mine :)


Anonymous said...

HI MJ, I've migrated here from your post at aminus3, and am mystified by the term "flyover country" - what does that term mean? (I'm in Oz - Sidonie at aminus3)

micki said...

That is a great lookin' lens! I had to replace my 24mm and my choices were between a used Minolta that never sold with a 55mm filter size or the brand new Sigma with something like a 65mm filter size. I went with the Minolta, because it would've have broke me to have to get filters for the Sigma. The size of the lens front was just past the Cokin A series filters I have.

You got some gorgeous shots from your outing together!

Monterey John said...

"Fly Over Country - a Yank term for that vast "wasteland" between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the USA.

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