Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Break in the Festivities

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I really don't have the equipment for this type of shooting, the focus with my 100-300mm is way too soft at 200-300mm.

That said watching this egret hunt was fun. He was a bit prissy. Any waves that reached his knees caused him to run away or flutter up into the air. Some sea bird.


Wingnut said...

I find that if I switch to manuel focus it is much much sharper when using the high end of my lenes. Just a thought :) It's a nice shot, I like the description "prissy" made me giggle.

Jill said...

oooohhhh! what a great shot of his wings! Perfect.

WJWilson said...

I am thinking about making it down to Monterey next week. Sometime between Wednesday and Thursday. Want to check out the coast, get some shots like these!

Ptelea said...

I am no good at bird photography but I do love to observe their behavior. Your beautiful wing shot really gives us an idea of how large this bird is.

micki said...

They are a joy to watch.

So does this mean you're in the market for a longer lens? Maybe that boy of yours will have to be the jealous one for awhile.

Monterey John said...

I'm going to try wingnuts idea. nothing to lose and lots of $$$ to save.

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