Saturday, December 30, 2006

MJ Heads for the Hills

Happy New Year All

Having some fun putting up some snap shots.

This is one thing, of many things, I love about California. One day I am at the shore and the next I am in The High Sierra.

I went up there with son Will last week, and we just had a grand time.

Photocredit for shot of MJ WJ Wilson.


Nezo said...

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Paul said...

John, now that is looking downright festive! California, indeed, does have it all. You're making me want to head for the hills and get some more Blue Ridge photos to make you homesick! :-)

Wingnut said...

He he he caught ya! I thought MJ didn't DO snow :) :)

These are lovely John, really nice new stuff! Hey, I thought you were shooting a 20D? Am I wrong? If you are you can set your iso even higher using custom function #2 and #8... It will dislpay an "H" on your screen instead of the 1600 speed :)

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
You have a most wonderful backyard at your disposal MJ.
Sea and snow all within access of the lens!
Have a happy and safe new year MJ 8)

Ptelea said...

Now this looks like my home turf - especially after 2 blizzards. It looks like you are having fun!

photo-effe said...

felice anno 2007
happy new year

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