Sunday, December 03, 2006

In Full Obsessvie Mode! Help Me!

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This is page 76 extolling the wonders of Eureka, Ca. Lord help me, this is worse than heroin, or what I think heroin might be like Once I get going, I can not stop.

The basic programs invloved are MS Publisher, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Photoshop. I have gone through each of the pictures selected and created high resolution (300 dpi) images suitable for publication. Fortunately Publisher does not imbed these behemoth pictures, 20+ megs per image. I settled on a page background last night. It is a California sky from a beach photograph. I have added it to all the pages. It gives the pictures some "pop" yet does not distract from them. Formatting is a chore. There is not only the issue of positioning the photos, there is the matter of finding the place to put the text and work within the constraints imposed by the pictures.

Now, can anybody tell me where there is a 12 Step meeting to help me with this little problem I have here?

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