Wednesday, December 06, 2006

After the Starfish Office Party

Finally Blogger image upload is working... for the moment.

Still wrestling with the flu, but a bit improved.


ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Oh hey I hear ya' MJ. Those damn guinea pigs haven't been feed again and refuse to run the wheel!
I hope you're on the road to recovery with the flu. A good old shot or seven of some 4 Roses bourbon and you'll forget you ever had the flu! 8)
In fact you'll probably forget a whole lot more than just the flu!

micki said...

Now, I've never seen starfish like this, I like how you related them to the post office party crew! Love learning and seeing new things from the blogs around the globe.

Hope you're feeling even better now.

Paul said...

John, I hope that you are feeling better now. When I go to the beach I NEVER see any starfish. I see lots of crabs, jellyfish, even dolphins, but no starfish. I must be looking in the wrong places!

MontereyJohn said...

Paul, not the wrong beach, wrong ocean :)

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