Saturday, November 25, 2006

Welcome Maggie at "My Garden" to Ye Olde Blogroll

I was paid a visit by Maggie in British Columbia earlier this morning at my aminus3 site. I checked her blog out, and there are some really lovely images there. Do drop and pay "My Garden" a visit and leave a word or two of encouragement to this lady with a good eye and equally good technique.

For larger image click on picture.


Maggie said...

oh my! I never expected you to do this. Its an honor to be here.

Now if I can get that verification right without becoming a bot, I will thank you roundly and soundly for the honour. (or however it is spelt)

Maggie said...

oh, ummmmmm, how do I tell you this. I am a bit north of you in Victoria, B.C.

We (husband & I in our Dodge Lodge camper) were last through California last March. So much to see and do in your State!! We'll be baaaaaaaaaccck!

MontereyJohn said...

Hmmm, duly noted and appropriate corrections made :) It was that CA thingie that threw me.

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