Friday, November 17, 2006

Taking Off for a Few Days - So Here is Something from Cannery Row

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I'm going up to San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento and Palo Alto. I'm going to a smoking cessation clinic at the VA in San Jose. (I quit smoking once, it was the worst twenty minutes of my life.) Then I'll be seeing Manu from San Francisco Daily Photo (you owe it to yourself to check him out) to shoot sunset tonight in San Francisco, then on to Sacramento to spend the weekend with my son Will. I'm not sure what he has in mind, but I suspect we will be photographing whatever it is. On the way home Monday I'll be stopping at Stanford in Palo Alto for a visit with the dermatologist for a followup on my ongoing battle with skin cancer.

Then comes Tuesday... colonoscopy. Oh joy. The doctor is a woman physician from Poland. BIG gal, strong like bull. Jeeeze. Pray for me.

I took this image on Cannery Row (yes, the same place Steinbeck wrote about) over in Monterey (pre-sensor cleaning. I've done what I could quickly to clone out the worst of the crud.) I love the industrial architecture of which there is precious little left in Monterey.


Paul said...

Good luck at the clinic!

micki said...

First of all, great shot. Love the colors on this building.

Sounds like you've got a good long weekend planned and I hope you kick the smoking habit this time and that you get in plenty of great photo shoots with everyone.

The test next week...well, I'll pray!

crow_soup said...

I'll pass you on the road somewhere...we're leaving for Big Sur in a while, going to spend Sunday in P.G., Monterey and Prunedale before heading home to S.F.

Have a safe trip!

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