Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Taking a Break - Camera is in the Shop

I got schmutz, a highly technical term, on the sensor of my digital. Little spots were appearing in the sky on my most recent shots. Important safety tip: do NOT try to use a puff of breath to blow dust of the sensor. So, good ole Green's Camera World in Pacific Grove is defunging, another highly technical term, my camera.

Should have the camera back by the weekend.


ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I love that word "schmutz" MJ. It's fantastic!

Jill said...

That was fast! I knew you'd be taking to get it cleaned but seems to be early. You must have really been changing some lenses. Mine needs the same thing. I will not try to do that myself.

I'll be checking back....

Paul said...

I clean mine myself. It's spotless! It's not difficult or dangerous as long as you do it nicely. When you get it back, make sure that it is clean, not that the spots have been moved around!

I use the Visable Dust brush for the light cleaning, and Pec Pads a special spatula, and Methinol, I believe, to clean when very dirty. The D2X is clean as a whistle! It takes about 20 minutes setup time and about 3 - 5 minutes to clean.

WJWilson said...

Fantastic, maybe now you will get a job. J/K

Ptelea said...

I don't even like thinking about the possibility that this could (and most surely will some day)happen. I have been thinking of getting a back up camera because I think I would be very depressed!

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