Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Point Lobos on a Fall Afternoon

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This state reserve is an amazing place. It is located just south of Carmel at the beginning of what is considered the Big Sur (Big South). The rock formations are unusual to say the least. The Monterey and bearded pines cling to the hills and cliffs. Sea lions and otters abound in the kelp beds and offshore rocks. From December to May, the gray whales run past the point and are easily seen from the cedar grove on the extreme point of land.

I had a lovely time there on Sunday afternoon. The hiking is pretty rugged as you can probably see in this picture, but worth the angina and throbbing legs. (Man, how I envy the young people who seem to bound through the area.) The subjects for photographing are too numerous to state.

In this image I employed Adobe Lightroom to bring out the foreground which had been quite dark. It does most of the things Photoshop does with regard to color, contrast, saturation, fill lighting, horizon leveling etc, but does it all on one screen rather than fumbling through numerous menus. I am becoming quite the believer in the program.


micki said...

Sounds, and looks, like a great place to visit often, John!! All the wildlife to shoot!! How long is your longest lens?

crow_soup said...

I'll be down that way this weekend, staying in Big Sur for a few night and am planning on taking the girl to my favorite place growing up: China Cove...yup, right there in Point Lobos...!

Jeremy Tscharke said...

You have captured this well.. Looks like a painting and really captivates your senses! Well done!

Sedona Scenery said...

Looks like a Giclee photo. Frame it and hang it over the fireplace.

Paul said...

What a beautiful shot. It looks so much like a painting that it is uncanny!

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