Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oh Yeah, Adjust ISO to Lighting Conditions... Sigh

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MontereyJohn said...

As Cheech and Chong might have said, "Classsssss! Shut up!"...So, listen up here and maybe other rookies can avoid this mistake:

Well, I'm so used to film where the ISO is fixed to that roll of film, it never occurred to me to change it to account for very cloudy day. I had the kit lens on which is not all that quick to start with. Then I had the ISO set to 100, and there was not way that combination would stop a wave, particularly if I am in the rookie P mode. This exposure was 1/250th at f11. Everything but the wave looks fine. Had I been at ISO 400 at 1/1000th this would have turned out.

So endeth today's sermon.

Paul said...

That's OK, you'll get used to the flexibility. :-) 90% of my shots are taken on ISO 200, which is where I leave my camera set. I do have a 100 setting, but rarely use it.

Also, Nikon cameras have a bit of noise at 400 and above, so I usually carry a tripod with me wherever I go and use ISO 200. In your case, switching to 400 would have accomplished the task nicely!

Enjoy the toy!

Let's see some of those glorious West Coast sunsets!

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