Wednesday, September 27, 2006

San Francisco Color

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montereyjohn said...

Anyone who has been to San Francisco will note the bright colors that are often used on homes. There is a pretty good reason for that, fog. The city can be incredibly dreary weatherwise for much of most days. Like folks in Ireland and other such places, San Franciscans compensate for this with bright colors.

Paul said...

I like the bright colors. I wonder if that's why they do that in Charleston, SC as well. I'm glad that you are enjoying your new purchase. Let's see, that leaves Micki as the only person in America that still shooting film! ;-)

micki said...

I have always enjoyed the bright colors I've seen from pics of SF, AND especially this style of window architecture. There's just so much charm here.

Yes, film and only film! I can't wait to load up my new Minolta Autocord and get to shooting with that. I think I'll shoot one roll and then have the camera cleaned professionally.

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