Friday, September 22, 2006

Putting Out to Sea at Sunset

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MontereyJohn said...

First day with the Canon DSLR. I was shooting in the rookie 'P' mode while I got used to a new camera, it's autofocus, zoom etc. The photo was taken from Treasure Island (Yerba Buena)in San Francisco Bay. An odd feature, actually an illusion, is that the horizon appears to slant. I went into Photoshop to level it, and it was level. Anyway, this sure is fun.

Manu said...

What was all that talk yesterday about shooting straight in the sun? You're doing it too! ;-)

Looking at yesterday's photos, it seems you actually stayed until sunset. I might post a couple from TI too, and of course, it's likely to be nothing like one would expect. Some things never change.

I did not to delete the photo of the birds and the lighting post (well, I went straight to the trashcan yesterday evening but I got it out of the trashcan this morning). It is way too cute for my taste, but I thought maybe I'll publish it just to make a joke with it.

Not bad for a first day out of your new camera, let's see where it goes from there!

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