Friday, September 29, 2006

MJ Has Another New Toy

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MontereyJohn said...

I acquired a Canon 100-300mm f4.5-5.6. I made this purchase after wrestling with going with an f4 L 70-200mm. In the end, the L was just too pricey for me just now. The lens I got is the next best thing, way superior to most if not all the 75-300mm consumer lenses out there. Today was overcast, so I was pressing the limits on handheld, and probably should hyave shot from a tripod. I shot this in RAW because of the light, but when I was done, I ended up with the auto settings anyway (and now I have this HUGE file on my computer).

Paul said...

Yep! RAW=HUGE! No way around it. :-) Congratulations on the new toy. My new toy's frame counter just made it over the 11,000 mark! It's time to clean the sensor again, too. Sigh. I'll do it tomorrow. I find that I have to clean the sensor about every 6 weeks or so. Not a major ordeal once you've done it, though.

Want to find out how much dust you have on your sensor? Get a piece of white paper, stop down to about f/22, have the lens autofocus to infinity. Take the picture in a well lit area. Bring the image into Photoshop, hit it with autolevels and behold, dust! Welcome to the digital age.

No need to worry about the dust, though, until it starts showing up in your photos.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Nice image MJ. The black space really bring the flower forward into the foreground.
My camera is not that clean! I've been looking at options to clean it as dust particles are beginning to appear in the images.

Wingnut said...

Talk about huge files, I bought an iMAC in January, 250 gig hard drive, it is now full! I spent all day burning images to dvd's today..... Shooting RAW has it's advantages, but wow, it really does suck up the space!

This image is lovely, nice DOF, and great composition!

micki said...

Well, you did need a new toy to go with your OTHER new toy. Do enjoy, John!

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