Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Big Sur - Gull and Breaking Wave

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Montereyjohn said...

Here is one of the reasons why I have been reluctant to go to a digital SLR, shutter lag. Up until quite recently the digitals have been slow in processing images, so catching things in motion was a problem. When you pressed the shutter there was always a lag between that pressing and the moment the image was captured. This nice film image might very well have been missing the bird in digital as he would have flown out of the frame by the time the image made it to the memory card.

Well, I have been assured that is much less of an issue now. We shall see as I'm picking up my new Canon XT DSLR tomorrow.

WJWilson said...

I think you'll be impressed.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I'm hoping you'll be impressed John!
I have to admit to not be totally happy with the processing abilities of my DSLR when using Noise Reduction capabilities for long exposures and the fps when shooting motion photography.
It's a compromise of sorts I suppose of cost and capabilities. If I want the best gotta have the big dollero's.

micki said...

What a catch!! This is amazing!

Can't wait to hear what you can do with your new camera!

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